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Monday, October 31, 2005
  The case of the confusion over clocks and the disappointment over a CD..amongst other things!
Hi everyone, Firstly aplogies for the long title! as Chris Mac said to me in his Ouch messages on the boards he said i should do more writing so thought I would come up with a snappy title!

Hope you all are well despite all your bad illnesses I keep reading about on most of your posts on your blogs namely get wel greetingsgo out to Goldfish, Damon, and Timmargh, You all desrve a get well greeting from me and you are all lovely!

How did all of you dowhen the clocks had to go back an hour on Sunday morning about 2pm in the morning? I got very confused about it as I often do and confused by the fact that the BBC homepage gave the wrong time out, it said that the clocks were going back at 1am, but the continuity annoucer gave it out that the clocks were going back at 2am!

Imagine my confusion over it! So I phoned up BBC and they said that 2am was indeed the correct time for changing the clocks back for an hour.

I had a massive disappointment on Saturday though when I had reserved a CD of Jolson the Musical from MVC about two weeks ago , and they called me to say my order had been cancelled by head office! Aargh! Another 13.99 wasted then! Oh well, looks like I will have to ask my sister Sophie to get it for Christmas off a website called and I wanted it badly!

As you might of read on the Cane and Able board, I am into listening to everything that Brian Conley has done in the way of singing stuff! I have three CD's of his and my favourite which you know I have is his Stage to Stage CD with songs from musicals on it.

Things have been okay this week for me though and the highlight was visiting Caversham to see my sister and her boyfriend's new house. Dad and I got there about 3pm and dad helped Mark with DIY jobs that needed doing. I quite liked Caversham and Sophie lives near the river and it's only a few feet away from her house. We all then went for a nice pub meal in a pub called "The Griffin" which was nice and Dad and I enjoyed visiting Sophie a lot.

Next week, it's back to the routine for me though as I have college on Weds and Thurs, and normal work on Fridays.

Half Term was great and relaxing but it will be nice to get back to college, It's strange they put half term in the end of September though, as we have only started back at college for a few weeks back! Strange!
Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Scope's Time to get Equal campaign website. Sign the pledge!
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  A Seminar and friends who always seem to need my help!
hi everybody, hope all is well with you lot, and sorry I haven't written here for a few days. It's the same thing, that I have been busy! Which seems to happen all the time doesn't it with me, but I always make time to chat to you lot and write on the Ouch messageboards.

This week I have been busy with two things, One being a seminar on Tuesday and chatiing to someone new that I made friends with, and then going out for a socialable chat with my college mate Lee. who has joined the boards like us so you may just spot him on there!

The seminar was great and was held in the building of Scope in London. The seminar was held by the Transition Information network for which I am a member of.

We had a great day and did workshops on housing, direct payments, and the Government's ideas for the Green paper they're bringing out for people with learning difficulties and the problems they need to address like ideas on how to change boroughs so they can provide more leisure facilities for young people with learning difficulties to do.

I also picked up freebies of leaflets and a great CD Rom which tells about Scope's Time to get Equal campaign, and tells of what people can do to sign the pledge and I think that you lot should sign it as it's a great campaign to rise awareness of disabled people.

Scope's website if you're interested in signing the pledge is at

It also gives you information about the great work that they do, But while I was at the charity I met Margie Woodward who does a lot of good work for the charity and was featured talking about the Spazz wheelchair with my hero on Radio 4's You and Yours programme and it was nice to bump into her when I was in the lift and put a name to her face!

Secondly it was nice to meet Chris Mac and get emails from him as I enjoy talking to him and others on the messageboard and Chris Mac is a great person.

I have also been helping out another mate as I said earlier, my mate Lee. Lee's nice as well and I have helped him out and still do, and it's nice to talk to him and to listen to his problems. I suppose you must do that when your mates are with you and you listen to their problems and even help them out.

It's special too because in Lee I have made him come out of a shell that he seems to be in and even made him better in himself when I gave him advice.

I don't know why but men always ask me for my advice and I seem to have lots of male friends than females, of course I have female friends like you female bloggers but I always get males that want to be a mate to me and get advice and tell me their problems.

I always were a fairy godmother to most males in my old college, maybe it's time to reprise that role again!
Friday, October 21, 2005
  Things I like and Dislike this month!
Thanks for all your great comments welcoming me back to the Ouch boards! And also the comments on the last post. I felt a bit peeved off that I didn't do too well for my job as a guest blogger on Ouch's weblog but I hope my two(!) posts were okay!

It's not much of a post today as I need to recover and get back to things so thought I would tell you what I like and dislike this month.

The things I like this month are:

The things I dislike this month are:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
  An excellent series but nasty comments sometimes!
Hi Bloggers, I wanted to share with you my comments about Beyond Boundaries.

First of all I am truly loving the series because of two reasons, the first being that all of the members who took part in this gruelling trek are bloody fantastic and should be proud of all acheiving something to conquer their worries and upsets over doing the trek and challenging their disabilities and abilities.

Second what really bugs me is some of the comments that seem to happen on the Beyond Boundaries Board on Ouch and it upsets me by the way that people are slating and saying nasty comments about the members which then starts to cause flame wars again. Even Wizard of Ouch stepped in and told them not to but they still did it.As you lot aren't to blame, I am not saying anything bad about you, I'm just worried about the new people in case they start to misuse the boards and break the house rules.

I have been on two expeditions myself even though not in Nicaragua, and I found it tough because I had to keep on striving to get my Duke of Edinburgh's award, and I have difficulty in walking like the Beyond Boundaries lot so know how they feel.

Also I really care about people with disabilities and am truly amazed and heartened by the true grit and dtermination these people on Beyond Boundaries have by carrying on even though it's hard and they feel hurt and sore by their disability.

They should all be glad that they have achieved so much and they didn't want to stop even though they lost Warren and Glenn who went back home to England.
Friday, October 14, 2005
  A sense of Feeling Better within myself!
Sorry if I have been neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks. I suddenly start to find that I am busy and then my poor blog suffers and also I find that I don't know what to write and it seems from reading most of your blogs you have that problem and you seem to think that you write lots of nonsense.

I think we all have ideas like that but all your blogs are great. Anyway part of the reason why I haven't been doing this blog is because of me being on Ouch's weblog that I haven't been doing this blog, but even by doing that I feel I haven't contributed much! I normally am always the one who seeks out most disability issues and stories so I don't know what's going there!

Anyway, the reason for writing this post now, is because I wanted to share with you something that may have been found out that I never knew before.

I went for an appointment to see a lady about my teeth, Now I've been having problems with my teeth and having problems as led to have bad problems with my gums. It's not by any means my fault it's something that has happened. When I start to do my teeth, my poor gums bleed and hurt so that has stopped me from doing them because mentally it has given me warning signs. I found out that all this has also contributed to all the fears, and worries and upset that I had been going to see my counsellor about.

All my problems with hospitals and things happening as a child had mucked me up within my head and that's also things you don't see with me if you meet me or talk to me on the Ouch messageboards.

Think of it as a side that you never see, largely because I can mess up my words and say something different.

I also came up with two visualisations of myself when I saw my counsellor on Monday and that also helped to say how I felt.

I will tell you them so you can see what I was telling them about.

Outside of me The outside of me is a hollow shell that you can do anything to and can talk to easily, The outside shell is a coper and a mature adult. The outside also gets on with life happily and can be a good caring, friendly person.

Inside of Me- The inside is a childish being, that has seen lots of things, and has had all the things done to it like the hurt and the pain, is always upset, feels scared, and finds doing things painful and doesn't want to do them. It has had lots of operations on it, It has fragile bones and the mild osteoporosis(which I have!) .

I think all these visualisations must stem from all the problems I had at birth but allow me to tell you them on another post, as there's quite a few problems that happened!

I hopeI'm not being too self concious to you on this post as this is all how I felt and our blogs should be a place where we can say how we feel.
Monday, October 10, 2005
  It's all in a day's work!!!!!!!
As you might have already read on the Ouch website, yours truly has been made a guest blogger with other bloggers, namely her ladyship Lady Bracknell!

I'm very honoured and proud that Ouch has chosen me for it, even togh they might have picked me because I said that I would be obliged when they put about it on the weblog a few days ago!

I'm going to have to find some great blog entries, aren't I but am sure that I will be able to!

It will be funny when they give me the goodies though as I already have four of them!!!!

Ha! ha! Oh well, perhaps they might allow me to visit them and go for a coffee like last time!!!!!!

Watch out for me you lot, I'm coming atcha!
Friday, October 07, 2005
  Remembering Classic Gameshows and a bin!
As I look after my dad's house, I like to watch his satellite TV and see all the delights of Sky+ like damon was talking about in his weblog because he has had it installed recently. one channel I find great on Digital has to be a gameshow channel called Challenge. It's where they show lots of classic and new gameshows and I like watching all the contestants answering the questions and cringing when they know the answer but can't say it!

My favourites on Challenge have to be Takeshi's castle which is a wierd Japanese game show where contestants do games to storm a castle at the end, and they are funny people who do it and always end up failing half the games. The other one I like is my old favourite Knightmare(on the odd occasion when they show it!) but my favourite classic has to be 3-2-1 the classic gameshow that Ted Rogers used to present and do a wierd hand gesture with his fingers to symbolise the show. How did he do it though is beyond me as it is hard to do(I've tried it and failed!), It also featured the strange but lovable mascot of a bin named Dusty Bin. Bloggers of of the era may remember it!

They also had clues for the end game and the other night while watching it brougjht memories back to me.

I wish they made gameshows like that still, as they were classics and am sure they are sadly missed by all of us, aren't they? I think Challenge brings them back to a new generation of Tv watchers that might have missed them.
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
  A clever machine and feeling bad.
I went food shopping as normal at Tesco because I had been feeling bad all day and feeling down. Going to Tesco made me feel good because I was out doing something, when I was in there, I saw something which I am going to ask for Christmas and hope that I get it!

I might not have told you before that I have a collection of kitchen gadgets. I collect a lot of stuff and am a bit of a hoarder! Anyway, I collect kitchen gadgets and to compensate for giving most of my other gadgets away and be rid of them,I have seen a clever machine that I like the look of in Tesco's which is the Tassimo machine.

If you haven't heard of it before the Tassimo Machine is a clever machine that makes hot drinks and this sort of machine is all the rage now in homes. The Tassimo Machine works easily by putting small T-Discs in the top like those cartons you get in restaurants and the machine reads off the barcode on the disc to make you the perfect cup of drink.

So basically all you do is to choose your T Disc, then press the black button and the machine will read the barcode to make your drink.

How cool is the Tassimo machine! I'm seriously wanting one and every time I pop into Tesco's I dream of it!

See it for yourself if you're interested in what I keep raving about that I want one of these beauties!
Tuesday, October 04, 2005
  A Wish List
Hi Bloggers, hope you all are alright! I did do a post last time about my Dad's claim to fame but somehow it disappeared, from either someone fiddling around or Blogger taking it out. Hmm... I don't know how that happened!

Oh well Here's another post!

Have you ever come up a wish list? What would you have in it?

I was trawling through different blogs last night and I saw a knife block in a wierd shape of a plastic man with knives sticking out of his stomach. The blogger who had the photo also put a link up to the website where it came from called I had heard of that site before but never visited it, so I clicked on the link to look and immediately found all the stuff that they sell there to be excellent!

the website if you haven't visited it before is full of things that you can buy that do quirky, and fun products that you don't need but really want, as it's quote on it says!

I came up with a wish list from it as I thought that it would be great to have something from it, and as my birthday is coming up, you can feel free to buy me something from my wishlist!!!

Ha! ha!

You don't have to , but if you want to, here's what I would enjoy from the website:

Chocolate Fountain
Designer Duck ( Diamond Duck, preferably!)
Message Egg( that sprouts a bean out of the egg with a message on it!)
Glowing Glasses ( Cool Glasses that glow in the dark as you drink!)

If you want to see these products or any others they're at

They're all great, funny products!
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