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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Hello Bloggers, Hope you all are enjoying the start of the new year, Apparently you all have been reading this blog and not leaving coments because of changes or being scared to. I am here to assure you that all is fine and that you can leave comments on the blog as normal. basically when it says about comments being moderated that just means that I will check comments to make sure there isn't spam or anything bad but I know you lot are fine and that I trust you lot fully.

So don't be afraid dear bloggers, you may still leve comments and messages for yours truly here! LOL!

The year started good for me, being back into the swing of things such as work and collegewhich was good as I missed all my friends there, I also started the year nicely by having a new friend to talk to on the telephoe which is my internet friend Chris McMillan and that was great because he is a nice person, and something very exciting but nerveracking as I don't know if I am doing it yet, I have to think hard on it.

The exciting but nerveracking thing started off way back when I was upset in my house in Wilkins Grove and I sarted telling Dad how much I hated the place where I live, and he said he would look for somewhere else for me to live, weeks passed through Christmas and new Year and dad eventually phoned me yesterday to say that a house near him had come on the market, and that I could see it and then think about it in more detail.

Went to see it today and it looks a pretty house inside and out except for the crap furniture and fittings the lady has in it!, but if I lived there I could change it. It's a house where the kitchen and living room are upstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom are downstairs, and there is a courtyard style garden at the front.with a gate and stairs leading up to the gate.

It sounds a nice house but I haven't thought much about it yet. Suppose I'll finish now, and think shall I bloggers?

Bye for now, Your blogpal Katie xxxxxx
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