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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  Greetings BlogPals!
Hello blogpals!

I think I have been a bit distant from writing on this blog haven't I?

I haven't had anything much to write about after the excitement from the holiday and then putting myself up on Ouch's brilliant messageboard and getting one of their cool screensavers which I chose the straplines one because I thought it looked cool.

I have been busy though at work and playing on Ouch, but still reading and commenting on your blogs. I have even found new bloggers too, by reading messages left by Wayne and Justin R and other new people, so thanks to you lot for introducing yourselves and your blogs if you have them!

I've also just got better from feeling low but I am now better again, and hopefully I will return with news of a work placement, birthdays(Mine,groan!) as I will be celebrating a coming of age birthday which I am not looking forward to, I'm not saying which one but if you look at my age on my profile you'll guess it easily!

As you can tell from reading my threads on the Ouch messageboards I have been very conversational though and I think I seem to spend my time there a lot and I feel sorry for neglecting this poor old blog as it is good, but I think most of you have to sometimes and once you try something new on your computers like the messageboards it is hard to revert back to something old.Do you feel the same as me, comment here if you do!

Here's a question for you to answer until I write here again:

If you could change the job you are in now, what you be instead?

Best Wishes, All new blogpals and current ones!

Katie or as on the Ouch messageboards, AbleGirl!
Friday, August 26, 2005
  "I can't believe it"
Hi bloggers, don't worry, I am not quoting the catchphrase from One Foot in the Grave, even though that has to be one of my favourite comedies!!

Basically, it's a way of saying that I can't believe I have nothing to say about my world, Oh god, I can hear all you lot groaning and your mouths open but it's true.

After the excitement about being on the Ouch messageboard in the last few days and trying to get back to normal after my holiday, I feel that I have been rather confused which I told my counszellor about, it's very long so won't tell you but it's like being in a pot with all your thoughts being stirred around!
( A mad way of putting there but I have an overactive imagination!)

The best things I suppose is the Ouch screensaver I installed of their straplines and then commenting about things on the cool messageboard. You lot probably have worked out now that I have done so, and it's good to see that you lot are highly conversational on a number of issues!

But dear bloggers, I am bored and I was wondering what makes you lot bored like me, thinking caps on and share your boredom!

Things that make me bored are:

Waiting for news on the BBC Extend scheme so I can see if Lord Damon of Ouch has a work placement I could go on.

When it gets extremely quiet in my house.

Boring Conversations in my family.

Feeling depressed because I am bored!

Share your boredom with me and I'll listen.

( I'm a great listener and very caring towards others so you'll be in great company!)
Monday, August 22, 2005
  Ouch,I love you!!!!!!!!
Hi Blogpals, Thought that I would let you all know that I am excited to say that yours truly has now put herself onto the best messageboard in history and signed on to it!!!!!!


I am an member like you lot on Ouch, who post on it!!!

You'll have to look out for my messages on there, I have given myself the name of AbleGirl, so if you see any messages from me you'll know secretly who I am!!!!!
Sunday, August 21, 2005
  Strange ideas and an arm that kills!
Thought that I would add an extra post to the one I made about my glorious holiday.
Have been feeling very stiff after yesterday due to the fact that Dad stupidly made me pull my huge suitcase behind me,then noticing and then giving me his to pull, but my arm has felt bloody stiff, which normally happens when I carry heavy stuff, well you expect it don't you with the bad muscle tone I have.

Also I haven't fully recovered from the holiday and have also felt wierd being back in the pleasure of my own surroundings of my house. Strange thoughts wandered into my mind as I was waiting for Dad to take me to his for lunch, and decided I could do it but don't know how, you techinical bloggers will probably know how, The idea is xsimply that I came up with the idea of hosting my own fanatic tribute website devoted to Mik Scarlet- my one and only hero,I probably can hear Turtle/Nic now, for saying"Groan" but want to show my respect as I have done for the past 15 years(I@ve watched him since the mid 80's!)

Do any of you know how to make a website up? Is it easy and do I have to pay? I want to make a website from a free page though! It's probably a strange idea but am sure that Nic would make one if she had the means to on one of her fav music stars.
Saturday, August 20, 2005
  Am back from holiday!
Hi Bloggers! Hola! I am now back from my glorious holiday in the sun or not so glorious sun as halfway through the two weeks it had to rain and give Majorca huge thunder and lightning!

The scenery was beautiful and the villa we stayed in was brilliant and lovely. We being- Dad, my sister Lou and I all enjoyed being together in it and doing our usual thing of staying around the villa and it's pool in the day and then going out for a meal in Puerto Pollensa which is on the northern tip of Majorca. Puerto Pollensa is a beautiful town with lots of things to do like bars, cafes and restaurants.

We also went out sometimes to explore the island and we went to some nice places where we saw some different things, The places we went to were a glass factory where me and Lou bought some gorgeous glassware, Inca market but the best place we visited had me in tears and I was struck by how beautiful it was, basically we went to the Caves of Ham, and these caves are the most beautiful ever!
Inside the caves when you reach it are some huge stalligmites which have formed some beautiful sculptures and in old times, it was all discovered by a proffessor of geometry( I think, anyway!)and he found the caves over 300 years ago.
You go around these caves and see the stalligmites set to some lovely sound efeects and special lighting whichy lights them up and they all have names like the forest of Angels and such like. The best part though is when you are 30 feet below the ground, they turn out the lights in the caves and they have a beautiful concert in a lake with the name" Sea of Venice Lake".
A small boat is lit up with lights with three musicians inside it, and they turn to face you in the darkness and they play two pieces of classical music( it's almost like a water ballet, but different) and it was this concert that brought me to tears.

But going on holiday made me miss Ouch a bit and I missed the new homepage, but found an internet cafe to look at it, and the other thing I missed was that Mik Scarlet was on You and Yours, Damm!!! I will listen to it soon! Very soon!
Hope you all were okay and didn't miss me but I bet you did! Incidently, I found I had a wierd comment made from someone who thought that he could write about something completely different entirely! You lot are better than him!
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Hi Bloggers, I have a bit of news for you, I am going away for two weeks, I know you will miss me blogpals, but do not worry I shall return, and the blog will be filled with news of the holiday when I come back.
Here's a quiz to do while I am away:

1. What was Nicky's job in"Every Time you Look at Me" ?( my favourite drama!)
2. What is the name of where I work(clues somewhere on this blog, you have to be a good spotter!)

3. Name three things you can choose to see on Ouch when you use the menu on the left?(NO PEEPING ON IT THOUGH!) (AND NO CHEATING!)

4. What was the name of the BBC's Disability season shown a while back?

Hope you enjoy those questions, See you soon blogpals
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