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Sunday, July 31, 2005
  A strange Weekend
Hi Bloggers, Have had rather a strange weekend this week!

It all started when I saw my friend Charlotte in town. I know she can't help having a bad illness which affects the way that she is sometimes, but this weekend she started acting strangely by the way she acted but I don't know if it was the illness or just down to being a hyperactive teenager. I mean you don't expect a 19 yr old to go into a pub and start pouring milk, sugar,salt and pepper into an ashtray do you?, and then start to stay out late in town all night while you're staying at a friend's house(mine!) do you?

Maybe it's probably the fact that I don't understand the illness, which I think it is but when she gets hyperactive and behaves irrationally, It gets me down because I know that I am mature enough to behave properly.
I don't know what to do in those circumstances, on one hand I want to be her friend and help her out, but should I accept that she has an illness and is like any other teenager.

She also made up a blog while staying down at mine and it made me feel guilty that I took the blog address off of this one, so here it is:

She asks on the blog about seeing a boy that she wants to have a heart to heart with.

I probably am woorrying about nothing but I need to know how I can sort out this situation. What should I do blogpals? Do I sort it out with her? Or tell her that I need to have more space from her?
Friday, July 29, 2005
  "Turn to the left and you will go swift"
Hi Bloggers, Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, after I posted about pain, I thought I would leave it for a few days to let you all post comments, Did you all read your messages from me? If you saw yours, I hope you enjoyed it, Can you let others know that I have messages for them please! Thanks!

I have been not feeling well over the week and feeling low about Mum's anniversary of her birthday which was on Sunday and that has made me feel low, even today at work I felt bad.

But it started over me being told where things were and people telling me different things about where they were. So it confused me and I got frustrated. Hayley the girl who I was helping didn't give me clear instructions and I was upset so I went home early.
People know at work that I find it hard understanding things but they should realise to give me clear instructions.
Anyway, came home early and saw my mate Charlotte in town.

Have also been watching a cool DVD I bought yesterday, anyone remember the BOX of Delights? Finished watching it tonight, the titles are great and the special effects are excellent.
If you don't know the story, here's a taster:

There was a boy called Kay Harker who goes to visit his guardian for the Christmas Holidays, Once off the train he sees a Punch and Judy man called Cole Hawlings, who entrusts him with a special magic box, to look after as Cole is being pursued by wolves and some baddies one being called Abner Brown.

I would tell you what happens but sorry, you'll have to buy it for yourself to find out what happens,the title of this post also appears in the story, it's part of the box's magic that Cole tells Kay what the box does,

"Turn the knob to the right you will go small,
Turn the knob to the left you will go swift"

I've had the title music in my head for ages! Keep commenting on this post and the last one, blogpals!
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  To all my dear blog pals!
I regularly go on the internet and look at all your blogs,They are all great!
And through reading all of your blogs they give me an insight into what you're interested in doing in your spare time, the problems you have, and the jobs you do.

Trawling through them, I noticed a recent post from Turtle on her blog about her being in pain, I totally agree with her and most of you who experience it because I feel in pain too.

I feel it in different ways,and they are that I feel :

Emotional Pain:Trying to cope with the loss of Mum but with the help of a counsellor.

Physical pain:When my body hurts from the inside and my muscles are bad.

Feeling Lonely in my own house but I think to myself I have to cope with it
( that's why I am always on my computer at nights! Ha! Ha!)

There are many forms of pain bloggers but Like I told Turtle or Nic to say her proper name, you have to carry on with things you love doing in this life, it may be hardto think rationally about things and every time I see my counsellor I find it hard but you are the person who can make the pain disappear. I also nhave pain from being confused and single but that's another post entirely.

My advice to Turtle is that I hope she takes my comment on board and she realises that we are all there for her, She sounds like a nice girl, Oh Heck All of you sound nice. If there was a way we all could meet up I reckon we would be brilliant and enjoy each other's company!
That would cheer Turtle up too! Now some small messages for you all, look out for yours!

Turtle: Don't worry honey, The pain will soon put itself right.

James Medhurst: You're a great guy, You seem to be great at your job and you shine through your autism by writing your thoughts down on your blog.

Timmargh:I love your way of writing down your thoughts in an amateurish way!

Goldfish: The way you write about things on your blog are fantastic, you know a lot about what you write.

Luke: You are a cool guy and you have a cool way of thinking, You don't come across as a geek to me.

Gimpy Mumpy: You have a cool way of writing down your thoughts about things and life acroos the pond in America.Howdy!

Damon: What can I say to you honey? You are a talented editor and you are great at putting up with my rants over the phone about disability issues and I like talking to you.You have become a great friend!

Hope I didn't leave anyone out but these people are the people I leave messages for on their blogs. There are so many blogs that I read but can't think what to say on them but to these bloggers I do. Have a good time reading your messages everyone,you deserve them, spread the word to others I have messages for them on this blog!
Monday, July 25, 2005
  Enter, Stranger! Spellcasting!
Hi bloggers, Hope you are all well, and didn't find the last post offensive or discriminative because I was mainly saying what a terrific Radio show it was. I am not someone who would be horrible or discriminating because of my work at the disability charity.

Anyway, you are probably wondering where the title of this post comes from( or you've guessed which meant you are a genius!).
It comes from one of my favourite shows as a child which was Knightmare and these were two catchphrases that Treguard, the dungeon master and a dungeoneer would say in each programme.
I loved the way that children would be chosen to go around this castle( but like all TV magic, it was done with a blue room) but we never knew did we, because we didn't understand that trickery.
There were many shows I used to like but this one always meant that it would be the start of the weekend( every Friday night) and I could sit watching it before my dad would be home and we would have our usual fish and chips meal.
I also had three of the books too and used to write the spells down too, I have also visited the website and it's brill.

I was wondering if you liked the show and what else did you watch? Also if anyone knows where I can write to the man himself, Hugo Myatt- Treguard, you can tell me.
Thursday, July 21, 2005
  Update on Tonight's post
Talk about everything happening at once!
It turns out Ela's email was all down to perception but earlier before I had been talking to a charity worker from Amnesty International about it, When I go in the You and Yours website and listen to today's post(Thurs) they are all talking about.. yes you've guessed it perception and the use of language relating about a wheelchair that comes from America and is called Spazz, and in the programme they have a man from the company talking about why they called it that, Steve Day, Mik Scarlet(!) and a lady from Scope, talking about the two sides of the argument whether they think the word is offensive or if they think it is a word that disabled people should reclaim for themselves.

Now you all see that I think today was a day when I would have all these things happen at once and me being a bit of an advocate for disabled people, (I think I am a bit,working for a disability charity like I do!)
I would help out with this particular issue.

Incidently I phoned the You and Yours line up and gave my comments to them about the programme. It's a pity I didn't listen to it and phone up while Mik was on, he and the others including Peter White would have found my comments useful and excellent
  Terror Attack and a strange way of the world.
I hope all who lives in London is okay after the scares that we had today.
It was really shocking to watch on television, I have been watching all the events unfolding,which gmade me a bit scared and worried. I could not believe that the terrorists could strike us again by planting what the reporters were calling"dummy nail bombs" which were fake explosives but gave off nasty smells and small explosions.
Even though this has happened in London, I think that we should not be beaten by them and show them we can get back to some state of reality.

On a happier note bloggers I recieved an email from my Transition Worker Ela replying to the email I sent her and thought I would share it with you lot as I find it very strange to think that we could be how she perceives we are in life.
This is what she perceives us as:

Great Friendly People can be shy you know? We are all like eggs- hard shell on the outside and a soft gooey yolk on the inside, life makes our shells harder and some eggs get overboiled and become hard on the inside too.

What do you reckon to Ela's perception of us in life? She told me it would give me some thought for the day, I think she's right there about us!
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Hi Bloggers, I am sorry I haven't posted for a short while, In this strange world of ours I have found it hard to find good ideas and issues for me to write about, but I think I have done well so far judging by your cool comments and opinions, and sometimes you lovely lot have found the answers for me that I never knew, and you have also given me new found friendships all with the use of just a computer keyboard and a little mouse thing!
So thanks to you bloggers, you all are Great.

Anyway, this post was thought out as I was in my transition worker's job shop and the task we were set by her was to write down all our strengths and weaknesses relating to work and in general.

I wrote down mine and here are a few of mine:


I am good at keeping friendships.
I am good with writing and reading tasks.
I am good at being creative.
I can work on my own initiative.
I can work in a team or on my own.
I can be supportive and sympathetic to the needs of others.
Friendly, caring, confident.


I find it difficult working under pressure but try hard to overcome it.
If I am given a task such as dealing with large documentation I have to take my time and use a different way to overcome it.( that's fine in a job though, because an employer would like the way I overcome tasks!)

I can sometimes find household tasks tiring

What strengths and weaknesses do you lot have that you can relate them to work and and your personality. Thinking caps on!
Sunday, July 17, 2005
  I am not stupid but it happens!
Hope all you bloggers are fine in your lives. I thought that I would ask for your help as don't know how to overcome it.

The problem is this: Sometimes I leave the house which is ok until I look into my handbag and I find that I have left the keys in the house on the peg in the kitchen!

And for the thousandth time as well, and me being an emotional person it makes me mad and what's worse is that I keep doing it. Other people do it but not loads of times!
I could ask my neighbour who has a spare key and doesn't mind giving it to me but I always am embarrassed to ask her, or I could ask Dad but that's worse, or my Auntie Sue, but wanting to be the independent person that I try to be, I want to look after my key myself but always ends up locking my self out.

How could I try to make sure I have my keys with me?

Suggestions welcome please, blog pals.

Incidently, if Damon is reading this how does he remember to take his keys?
Friday, July 15, 2005
  It's good to be back!
Hi Bloggers, You may have been wondering why I haven't posted on here for a while, i have been busy this week with having to go to York for my sister's graduation ceremony, and going sightseeing like any other tourist!

Things do happen don't they, when you go on trips and they certainly happened to me in all of the three days that I was away, and I will tell you now that I had a rollercoaster of emotions, a confused mind and some comfort from my lovely sister.

It all happened because yesterday I was feeling bad again and I had a bit of an argument with Lou because we were sharing a room in her university campus and I had to walk in didn't I? We made up though and carried on enjoying the town. Things were going well until we had come off the York boat from the river and we wanted to go back home by cab. We found a cab office called Streamline Taxis and I wanted to get a packet of Polos from their vending machine, but then I started to panic and couldn't find my purse. I had left it on the boat! Lou phoned the boat company and we carried on going home to get ready for going out for tea in a restaurant to celebrate her graduation.

that was the confused mind bit but the comfort bit was in the night when we were going to bed, Lou and I talked about things because we both realised that we had both suffered feeling depressed about things. We both chatted during the night and we both were in tears. I felt for her as she told me things and realised I felt bad too.
One of the best things about the trip was seeing her friends and being with them last night was great. One of them also graduated yesterday and was very funny when we all met up in the pub after tea.

I told him about this weblog and he said he would read it, but then he said that I would probably mention him in so I have done, here you are AL, thanks for being a good friend and for confiding in my sister your feelings.That's if he's reading this, that is. Oh and I am now something of a legend according to him!
Sunday, July 10, 2005
  Wanted: Really Cool Retro Stuff!
Hi, Thought that I would write another post. have been reading Ebay which i can't buy from because I haven't got a credit card but all their items for sale look pretty cool. I know my sister has bought stuff from it and others I know have.

Question I wanted to ask is in the form of an advert:


Any Retro TV Memorabbilia from the 80's like they sell on Ebay

Am looking for Mugs, TV Trophies,Fridge Magnets, DVD's

Particularly interested in stuff from programmes such as Knightmare, Bullseye, or any other game shows or TV programmes.

Will be prepared to pay a charge for any items I am interested in.

Can you help bloggers? Thanks!
  Am I being a natural born worrier or something else?
I am a bit worried today and I have no idea why, so thought that I would ask all you bloggers to set my mind at rest for me.
It probably all started yesterday when I nearly put my foot in it with Chris and Carrie saying I was confused about things to do with our friendship and their relationship, I know everything is fine with all three of us but I reckon it's me that can misread people all the time, It has something to do with my development I suppose,for when I was growing up I missed out because of my pertruatry gland being messed up at birth.

What I was worried about were this:

Do you bloggers find my blog boring and that I have strange views of the world and current affairs so you don't read this blog?

Can I be a bit of a pain with my dreams of what I want to do in life and the way I keep hinting that I want to work for Damon?

Hope you can set my mind at rest by answering these questions for me,
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  A Terrible Attack On The Innocent
I thought I would base my post today on the terrifying attacks in London,
I like many today was shocked and disamayed by the dreadful way that someone planted bombs and blew up many parts of a lively, active city which I like to visit and go to many shops and places around. It was heartbreaking for me to see the streets being caught in a whirlwind of bomb blasts.

I first heard about it when my sister Sophie called from her work in Germany to ask if I was on one of my legendary trips to London, I said no and asked why, then she told me to put the TV on, and it was then I saw it.

What really shocked me was the devastation I saw when people told of their accounts of being in the underground when the bombs went off.

I hope they catch whoever did such a terrifying act and bring them to justice. London is a lovely bustling city with many like the tourists who visit the old parts that we can get back to normal and put this out of our minds to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic bid.
Sunday, July 03, 2005
  Question for you?
Hi , No posts for a while but here's some questions for you to answer in the meantime:

What is good about your friend/friends?

What's the best thing that you and they have done together?

Hope you enjoy these questions! Am off to York tomorrow to spend some time shopping, seeing my sister Louise, and also seeing the cool sights! Also think about the ideas I gave on the last post, I think the ideas are cool!
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