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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
  "You ain't seen nothing yet"
These bloogers are the immortal words of one of the greatest showmen, and a talented jazz musician ever to tread the boards on Broadway! His name is Al Jolson, and by listening to my CD of the musicial that tells his story, I am beginning to understand more about someone I had never heard of before, and because it is a musicial and you know my love of the stage, I am enjoying it greatly.

By listening to the songs on the Cd you get to find out more about him and the people he worked with and who he got songs from like Gershwin, and also others who he knew like Ruby Keeler who he sung with that was a true Broadway doll, and then to have lost his mother at a time when he was starting out must have been hard for him like I did, so he wrote her a song which is a famous song called "My Mammy" .

It's a sahme I didn't go to watch Brian Conley in this musical as it would have been good to find out more about Al Jolson, but this musical captures all the magic of this great showman just by listening to the music that comes from the actors and actresses who perform it brilliantly.

To quote Al Jolson and his words "You ain't seen nothing yet"
Saturday, November 26, 2005
  The Greatest Creator of children's magic within books
Hi Bloggers, Before I start this post, I thank you for your comments on the last post I did here and it was great to hear how that you cared a lot for me to say positive things and I am now feeling better in myself. It's not often I feel like that but you lot helped me to think better about myself.

This post is about something which I have another passion for which is reading, and it's about a man that impressed me as a child and who had a great way of making children believe in his stories that he wrote and told to his own children and all the children in the world loved all his funny quirky tales he wrote. Can you guess who I'm on about?


The answer is simple!

The man who I'm on about is Roald Dahl! You probably have read or seen his books around and even watched some of the films made to celabrate the books. I have always had a passion for reading his books and still do now I'm an adult. His books and films are a great testament to a man who loved writing, and loved to be wiith children and understood their ways, their passions, and interests, and also to have the children be a captive audience for the books he wrote, and he wrote them with his own children in mind and told them the stories and then he would always go down to his writing hut, and write them down to be in print for ever.

I love his stories and they realy do have a certain magic about them. I went and bought the film of Charlie and the Chocolate factory today and the film is great and tells the story as it is in the book with fantastic special effects, great characters from the book, that are madly brought to life by the great kids who play them with freakish enthuasiasm! Johnny Depp who plays Willy Wonka is also highly funny and is very freaky too, with sarcasm and gusto. The Oompa Loompas are played by only one person too which brings a great way of using special effects to make one person seem like lots. I recommend this film as I loved it and thought it told the story very well, and also adding extra parts like Wonka's childhood and seeing his father again after a long time. I loved the kids in this film especially the German boy who played Augustus Gloop and the way he pigged out on the chocolate. I also liked this line from the film: Chewing Gum is gross, Chewing Gum is what I hate the most!

Roald Dahl was a great man and his books and the films are a testament to his genius, Where he lived in England in a place called Great Missenden, in Buckinghamshire(not too far from where I live) is his house where he and his family lived and the house is called Gipsy House, which people are allowed to visit and there's also a museum celbrating his life and work too.

I would love to visit this house and gardens and the museum, because I think all the magic of his books and films are in the spirit of Great Missenden itself and Roald Dahl's spirit lives on.

I leave you with these lines from the BFG:

I is a nice giant, I is a freaky giant , I is the Big Friendly Giant!

I is not eating humans, I is eating snozzcumbers!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  "You can't do this, you should be more realistic"
Hi Bloggers, Sorry I haven't written for a few days, I have been feeling not myself and as I told my counsellor I felt very alone in myself and felt bad but am slowly feeling better. You are probably wondering about this title here. It's because I have been feeling that I am going nowhere in achieving my goal of working for Ouch and this is what my Outreach worker Ela keeps telling me every time I tell her I want to work there. She thinks that I wouldn't be able to travel to London each time and that I would be tired after work.

Nothing is impossible in this world and I might find it tiring but there are ways around it. I know I keep going on about this that I would like to work there but it's a place that I would find great to work in.

There are loads of questions and my head is confused with stuff at the moment so I don't know what I think.

Questions like:

Why don't they let me try working there?

Why do I only get few comments on here, do people find my blog boring and they are fed up with me on Ouch and here. ( I know most aren't fed up with me but some are!)

Why do I keep feeling bad and people are not wishing to be friends with me, I'm not all bad!

It's probably because people are making me upset and my loneliness contributes to me feeling awful every day.

Sorry if I feel self indulgent and self pitying, I always like this, it's only sometimes!

You lot are great and you lot are my true mates better than my real friends sometimes! Especially lovely Chris, 'm sorry you have to read about me feeling bad honey, but you make me feel better, and wish I could reward you in some small way to say how much you have helped me to get over things and make me a better person within myself.

Hope all of you are okay!
Monday, November 21, 2005
  Welcoming a friend to the blogosphere.
Hi Bloggers, Hope everyone is well, this week!

I told you on the last post that someone new had joined our blogosphere and that it was chris Mac and that you were asking me to put up his blog address when I have it, Well he has finally written his blog and will continue as he says that he enjoys writing so welcome Chris my honey and esteemed friend, hope you will enjoy blogging!

The address of his blog is:

Hope all of you enjoy his tales of his childhood and from what I have read it promises to be a great blog and will give a great insight into a lovely man.

I was going to write more here about what's beeen happening but I will have to think about more things to write on here, but hopefully will have more stuff for you soon! Anyway, am doing this late in the morning so have lots on my mind.
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
  Update on Last post
Hello bloggers, Glad to know you liked my last post, reflecting on my childhood memories, I thought I would update you on things.

Firstly, I will put up a link to lovely Chris Mac's blog when he has written blog posts and will certainly tell you lot about it so you can go and say hi to him on there. Don't know about it being on Ouch's blogroll but leave it to me, I might swing it with Damon to get it on there for him!

Secondly, My Christmas will be different this year by Dad and I going to my aunt's house for dinner but we don't know about my sister Sophie's plans yet as she might be with her boyfriend at their house in Caversham, Reading. My sister Lou will still be on her trip so we know about her.

Secondly, In April, when my sister comes back from her trip, it will be Christmas 2!! We are planning to have a Christmas for her when she returns from her trip, and it will be a proper Christmas with our tradition of being on the big bad, with a Christmas tree and nibbles and a Xmas dinner. I persuaded Dad last night to give all three of us proper presents too, not just small presents he was going to do! Well it wouldn't be proper would it!

Yay! Two Xmas's!

I am excited about it! And yesterday Dad bought my birthday present too, of a personal DVD player!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  Reflecting on Memories Past
Hi bloggers, Am in a reflective mood again as my mate Chris Mac told me about his new blog he was thinking up and he said he would fill it with childhood memories amongst other things.

This set me off thinking about some of my own childhood memories and as you know that my mum is no longer around but in spirit, and me and my sisters have grown up slightly, we all tend to think about our childhood memories don't we and Chris the darling reminded me of all of mine.

I have quite a lot of brilliant memories that me and my family were involved in and it's good remembering them. Some people have told me to forget things that have happened in the past, but my counsellor said that by doing that I would lose bits of me that are important as my past was very precious to me, and mum is living in the past somewhere.

I will share some of those memories with you, if I may, and it will help to eleviate my feelings.

Every Sunday, we had a cold tea, and loved sitting down in our warm kitchen watching Antiques Roadshow together, Dad had his tea as always in his Tv room and Mum and my sisters and I would watch TV in the kitchen.
Every Christmas, we all did our family tradition of getting up early around 8, and going to Mum and Dad's big bed and opening up all our presents together and the cats would come and sit with us on the bed.We would then get dressed and showered and then play with our presents while Mum did Xmas dinner and my aunt Sue would come around for dinner with all of us. We still do the tradition now but just us four do it, It feels strange with Mum sometimes but I never forget how good it was with all of us.
Most of all my memories are either going on holidays or at home, or something that happened somewhere. I have a lot so it's hard to write most down, but these are just two that were special times to me and my family.
I suppose you have childhood memories don't you? They are the things we never forget and you shouldn't have to forget your past just because you are told to by someone, as your past is part of what makes you as a person.
I have had trouble in the past and now telling about how I feel and sometimes I can be misunderstood by people which can lead to them getting cross or by them shouting and all it is is that I am trying to sort out something in my mind from the past that has made me upset or just thinking about things.
Chris has helped me in a way to just be a great person and I thank him for believing in me like he does.
Saturday, November 12, 2005
I thought I would share with you all my blogger pals one of my passions, as this one is a huge passion of mine.

Imagine it, you have the music, the script, all your cast in their positions, ready to act, and suddenly from behind the curtain you arise to the stage hitting out with the first stage number!

Yes, you've guessed it bloggers! My passion is theatre and a passion for the stage!

I have been interested in the theatre ever since I was little and today I got something through the post- the long awaited Jolson The Musical Cd with Brian Conley through the post!

And it brought my passion back to life with it's rousing songs and lovely music, but even though I had just listened to the music, I quickly picked up most of the tune's lyrics within one second of hearing it! Odd, isn't it!

I suppose the person who got me interested in performing and theatre was my nan. When I was little, she used to be a theatre director in an army base and she also had a ballet school to which I attended and was excellent at dancing and acting.

I still love acting and performing even though I don't do much of it now, but I adore singing to my CD's I have of musicals and theatre based stuff.

Here's a list of CD's I have which I adore that are musicals and theatre stuff:

Me and My Girl
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
The Best Musicals In the world (Various)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jolson The Musical
Brian Conley- Stage To Stage (Various Musicals)
Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  A Reflective Mood In The Week
Sorry I haven't posted on here for a few days as a lot has happened and lots of observations!

Last week started off good but felt bad againbut was perked up by writing on Cane and able. I am starting to enjoy Ouch as through writing on the Cane and Able messageboard I had found a true friend in Chris Mac! Bless him! He has helped me to feel better and every time I got upset last week he told me not to get too upset and explained things to me whenever I didn't understand why certain posters were saying things, so that's one thing I will praise Damon, Lord Ouch for, for finding me the true mate who is adorable.

Chris Mac also invited me to his MSN group called Hood's Island so that's the reason why I haven't posted much on Ouch, as I have been there talking to him and hopping back to Ouch when I want to.

I then had a strange dream about the messageboarders and you may have read my thread about it on Cane and Able at the weekend.

Next I observed a programme that got me both angry a bit and upset for. The programme that made me get y back up was the Arena programme where people from the BBC were discussing the documentary they made of the famous interview with Princess Diana on Panorama.

As I was listening to them talking about how they made it, it got me upset and angry about how people seem to talk about her in the media all the time and that they should leave her in peace now she has gone sadly from this world. When I was doing my focus group for Macintyre Care, her memorial fund helped out by giving us money to survive. As we were working and trying to set up all our workbooks, the fund ran in to trouble from everything that was going on with her and all the fund freezed so all Diana's charities couldn't get money from the fund. I don't know what went on as it's long winded.

Our launch party for our workbooks was held in the fund's offices itself and it was great to be in a place that cared a lot for her memory. I got very emotional when I was there as it was very awe inspiring to be in a place and you could sense her feelings around the room and it's upsetting for me to hear all the horrible stories that appear in newspapers and TV nowadays. I wish they would leave her memory alone in peace.

There was a lot of posters in the corridors that told about her and in one corner was a huge book that was excellent. You could sense her around the offices and I did!

Charities with people who have learning difficulties were one of Diana's passions and she would have very interested and would have enjoyed our launch party!
Saturday, November 05, 2005
  Blogs Of Fame
Hi Bloggers, I thought that I would have a roll call of blogs that I enjoy reading and that I would include some that are yours bloggers in it too! If you haven't read most of them, take a look at other's blogs and feel free to comment on each other's and especially my own dear blog here as I think it's been suffering a bit.

If you are a blogspot user here, have you noticed that in your dashboard they have put up a way of moderating comments? Yes! How's about that then, we will be able to moderate all comments and take out nasty unwanted spam!!!!

Here's the "Blogs Of Fame" Hall! I will be doing a second one soon so if you don't see your blog advertised here I will be doing it again soon! - Turtle's blog and who wants to be a music journalist and is a typical student! - Lord Ouch Damon's blog! - Justin's blog - All the way from America, this girl loves drawing cartoons, Gimpy Mumpy! - A man after my own heart enjoying mine and his favourite Marmite! - This lovely lady comes all the way from the land of knockwurst and sausages, and beer, Germany! BloggingMone! - A man after my own heart, Pete, enjoying cats like I do! -A fine lady with great taste in hats, walking sticks and cats like me and Pete, and hello to Fishbone the cat! - Goldfish's fine blog!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  A great and worthy site that should achieve an award! It will when I send off a certificate I've made!
Visit Ouch, it's more than just a disability website - it's a disability thing!

I know you bloggers visit Ouch and we all love it but thought I would give a helpful reminder to everyone else to visit! Hope you bloggers are all fine and you all are having a great week!

Posts will resume soon!

Love to you always, Katie xxxx

Keep replying to the post below! And other posts too!
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