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Monday, May 15, 2006
  Sorry for the delay in posting!
Hi Bloggers, Sorry for not updating the blog so soon. It appears that a new blog network has spirited me away and I decided to have two blogs.

I don't know when I will return to this blog but rest assured I will still post here whenever the mood takes me.

However if you feel like you are missing me lots, You are welcome to visit the new one and register to have a blog on the same network as me,

The new blog is with MySpace and can be found at this web address:

I don't know if that one I am writing well on but we shall see. I have got two friends that have joined and subscribed to the blog so we will see if they read it. One I don't know and is living in New Zealand but wanted to be a friend of mine and the other is a bnd I know of in Herts near me and I have one of their songs on my webpage there on MySpace.

The house is going well, and hopefully I should move in a couple of weeks, and the bathroom is looking good , and Dad and the builder are at the stage of wiring the bath to make the spa work.

The carpet fitter should arrive soon and will fit the carpets around nd then hopefully with all going well, I should move afterwards when it's all finished.

See you soon, Your blogpal always,

Katie xxx
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Winding down after the success of BADD, and networking ...hopefully!
Hello bloggers, Just reading over my comments after my successful blog entry on Monday, and I want to thank those bloggers and many more for all their great comments on it.

Have had a busy week so far after having Bank Holiday as a day of blogging to finish putting my entry in for Goldfish's brilliant cause, and glad I could help her out.

Saturday last week was hectic too, as I went to see "Abnormally Funny People with Simon Minty, Tanyalee Davis, Liz Carr (yes! From the Ouch Podcast!) Gareth Berliner, Chris Causland, Paul Bentley who were all performing and doing their comedy at the Soho theatre in London.

Well after that, tonight I have been looking on the internet and found Simon Minty! Apparently he works for a training and consultancy firm in WGC,, near to where I live as a director that can train businesses and companies on diversity and disability training.

So hopefully, I can find out more and do a bit of networking with them!!!!! And speak to Simon Minty!

Other than that I have been trying to sort out stuff for the new house and waiting to move into it! It's getting there slowly but is taking along time because of our builder sorting the bathroom out but hopefully it should all be ready in four weeks time or nearabouts!

Then I will be writing this blog and posting on Ouch from the new house! That will be great!

I also want to thank you all who said nice comments to me about this blog on the Ouch boards.

It's great to know that my blog is appreciated and people think that I have good views and opinoins on things and in a good way and like Dotandcarryone said to me on her comment, I always talk about the basics which I agree wholeheartedly with.

I may not say or write things in a sensible order sometimes , but I know what I mean and hope you all understand what I am trying to get across with my opinions.

Until the next post then!


Your friend, trusted messageboarder, and all round nice girl

AbleGirl/ Katie
Monday, May 01, 2006
  My thoughts and views on Disablism
Hi Bloggers, and hope you all are having a great Blogging Aaginst Disablism Day today. I thought that I would base my contribution to Goldfish's worthy cause by telling you all what I think should happen in the future, so think on it if you will as a small manifesto, as if I was Minister for the Disabled instead of Maria Eagle! (sorry to her for using her name but it's only meant as a joke!)

Here is what I think:

Disabled people should be allowed more access on public transport, it's getting better for disabled people, but we need more access to services, shops etc.

I believe that there should be no categorising between the social model and the medical models of disability.

Lesser known Charities that raise awareness of disability should be given more publicity and a chance to show themselves more to society, namely H.A.D that I work for as it is widely known where I live in Hertfordshire but I think it should be known elsewhere too.

Society should be more educated in not judging us because we are different or staring but integrating us more into society.

The ever changing world of a thirty something woman who seems to be fiercely independent now!

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