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Monday, September 26, 2005
  A certain Understanding
Having a learning disability like me and trying to make more of a sense of the world around always interests me and I enjoy learning new things and skills and new places. I also enjoy learning about either buildings, trees, or history of places.

I also have buildings that I enjoy learning about the history of like Television Centre or the history of my home town Welwyn Garden City.

But one thing still puzzles me is that we as a nation use certain phrases every day to describe how they feel and that can be a sort of slang. One phrase that I never knew the understanding would be the phrase"Fed Up" .

i think we all need to have an understanding of life and the world don't we? And we all keep finding new and exciting things to learn and understand the workings and to explore. I am always finding that I can sometimes find changes either upsetting and nice depending if I feel all right with new and exciting things. I also think that if we all have a disability like we all do, it takes a lot of time to discover and understand things more that happen to us on a daily basis.

The other thing about me is that I always find that I can give everyone else advice but if I try to give myself advice it goes wrong, and because of that fact I have always been dubbed "Fairy Godmother", which has always been hard for me to understand things for myself but things are slowly getting better and I can give myself advice.
Saturday, September 24, 2005
  The new creation and the mad week!
Hi Bloggers, Sorry I haven't posted on here for a while, I have been extremely busy what with college starting again and trying to get back into a routine where I get up early for it, I missed the Confident Cook session on Thursday though as I got up late( oops!) but left a message to apologise and say why I didn't come in, so took myself off to London for a look around in my favourite haunts. ( mostly alll different shops which I find fun, but you lot will think I'm potty for going in to!).

So mostly my week is like this:

Mondays- Spare Time in Morning, Counselling 3pm Afternoon
Tuesdays- Day Off
Wednesdays- Community Access 9.30-12.00, Computers Skills For Living 2 12.30- 3
Thursdays- Confident Cook 9.30- 3.00
Fridays- Work at Herts Action on Disability 10.00- 2.30

Now you lot know more about what I get up to in the week! I wonder what you lot do? Is your week structured like mine in the fact that you do lots of things?

Tell me in the comments box!

Also I came up with another blog last week, after having the idea from Ouch's Cane and Able board, so that when it shuts at night you lot who frequent the Ouch messageboards could join in on my blog!

I have called the blog"The Self Advocacy Group Pub" and it's a pub and self advoacy group all in one and it's where you lot can come in and talk about disability issues that matter to you and have a virtual drink at the same time! Just like the Cane and Able board on Ouch!
So come and have a chat and tell us your discussions that you want to talk about with everyone!
You don't have to be a blogger to join but if you are then the more the merrier!
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
  A brilliant new CD and my lovely home town!
As you may know from reading my blog yesterday, I was watching ITV's 50th Birthday Bash "Avenue of the Stars. I found the programme really great and so did you lot judging by the comments on Ouch's Cane and Able board.

Well today I went and bought the CD that celebrates 50 great ITV theme tunes that have made us entertained by watching the programmes that are on the CD for 50 years.

Programme Themes that are on the CD are great and there's all different ones from programmes such as Minder, Taggart, London's Burning, Tales of the Unexpected, Ruth Rendell and lots of others that are great too.

I recommend this CD to you blogpals if you're interested in TV themes like I am.

Also you might have noticed if you read your blogs that when I comment to you there's a small picture of Welwyn Garden City. If you've ever wondered what the town looks like here on my profile picture are two of the town's great places to sit and look at the view, namely the fountain and in the background you see our famous shopping mall, the Howard Centre, which is a great place to shop and they're both situated on a road called Parkway.

The town was built by Sir Ebenezer Howard and was the second Garden City, the other being Letchworth.

My home town is great and what makes it good is the large amount of history that's connected with it.

If you come from London, the first thing you see coming on the train is the Shredded Whaet Factory which is a Grade Two Listed Building and is where Shreddies and other cereals are made. Unfortunately for us, they're closing it in 2007 and all workers there will lose their jobs.

I think if you lot have the chance to yopu should come and visit the town, You never know I might show you around places!

Happy travelling if you come!
Monday, September 19, 2005
  A Sincere Apology
Hi Blogpals, I would like to say sorry for the dredful irony and sarcasm and also taking the piss that the last post caused!!

It was probably that I was having an off day and all the comments made in the post came out and if you lot thought it was silly, then I apologise for it!

I am feeling better today and went out for doing some food shopping that cheered me up and even Sunday viewing on television cheered me up too.

Did anyone see the ITV anniversary programme "Avenue of the Stars" I thought it was abrilliant show celebrating the achievements of most household names including Tommy Cooper, Lord Attenborough, Ant and Dec, all people who have entertained us during ITV's 50 years of broadcasting. I did think the avenue of stars was a nice gesture and it also celebrated the work of people who are no longer with us, such as Harry Secombe, John Thaw, and Les Dawson.

Even the host Chris Tarrant was put in the avenue of stars!

I can't wait to go out and buy the CD of the theme tunes tomorrow as I like theme tune CD's and have quite a few of CD's with famous tunes on it and tomorrow's CD I'm buying will be no exception to others that I have.

Do you lot have favourite theme tunes?, Here's some of my favourites:

Jim'll Fix It
Do Your Thing ( ITV's birthday theme from the advert)
Dr Who
Play Your Cards Right
You Bet!
One Foot in the Grave
Absolutely Fabulous ( This Wheel's on Fire)

These TV themes are from CD's that I own except for Knightmare and Do your thing which will probably be on tomorrow's CD, I used to own the You Bet theme but the Cd broke and made me upset because it was a favourite CD of mine.

Tell me yours and I'll see if I share the same with you!

See you soon, blogpals!
Sunday, September 18, 2005
  The Mad Happenings of Me
Woke up this morning to find myself feeling very tired as normal but found I felt strange in the tummy. I think that I probably was feeling tired from the week what with being back at college to find it had all changed and had been painted with new accessible bits all around the college campus(Thank god for that, Someone had listened to Student Reps!) of to which I was a former student rep!

But when I went back to college I started to feel like I was in rush and the time I spent in college was going quickly. That's probably what happens when you only do three courses and two of them are on the same day!

I was probably feeling like I had eaten too much with the strange happening in the stomach but that was probably down to the week too.

The best things about the week was seeing my college mates again and getting emails from my lovely sister Lou who's out on the eight month trip, and also probably the best thing which is always good is blogging and commenting on your blogs!

You'll probably read this blog and wonder why I'm writing this piece of nonsense but that's how I felt wto the start of this weekend! Tired and couldn't get up so slept half of the day. Probaly like normal then!

One good thing that also happened this week was the fact of an old friend who used to live with me in Briar Patch which was a supported accomdation where I lived had emailed me and I haven't seen this person for ages.

The person's name is Leon and Leon started this band up with two mates who went to college with him. Anyway I found the band who incidently are called My Pet Junkie's website and secretly wrote on their forum.

You might have heard of them, they're a indie band but their music is quite varied, and it's good. My mate Leon is the drummer in the band and it was good to email him after all this time.

One day if he's free I hope to meet up with him to catch up and see how he is.

That's another mad happening, I'm not into that sort of music but I like his band's music!

Hope you lot are well, and you are all working hard. Thanks for the questions on the last post even though some were very strange, I tried to answer all of them , Love Wayne's questions about biting my toenails, I'm embarrassingly saying that I do bite them, cringe! And I like the one where he says about buying shoes, I haven't bought a pair for ages, and my sisters help me buy that sort of thing.

I wish I could buy that sort of thing but hoping to get financial support in college this term to help buy stuff like that. I'm fearful of telling Dad because he always gets on my nerves about money and all I have to live with is 70 pounds out of my post office card account.

Ho hum, At least I cope and I'm happy with stuff! I need a man in my life I think to make me strong and caring!
Thursday, September 15, 2005
  Ask me and I will answer!
Hi blogpals, While reading your blogs, I encounter posts that are good and thoughts come into my mind to take the ideas and when I looked at Timmargh's blog I saw that from Lisy Babe's Blog he had taken her question idea so thought I would do it too. Is there a burning question that you have wanted to ask me? I will endeavour to answer your questions that you wish to find answers from!

I shall be ready and answering not too far away!
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  When Teachers Do Something Excellent!
Hi Blogpals! i thought that I would base this post on a thread given by a messageboarder on the Ouch Cane and Able messageboard. In the discussion thread this person made was about favourite teacher or teachers. I talked about a lady in that thread who had been my favourite teacher and that she had taught me drama in the school in Hertfordshire where I used to go to which was called Woolgrove.

Anyway, the teacher's name was Mrs Tutt and listening to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours I heard her talking on there discussing about the lack of haed teachers.

What surprised me is that when I looked further into the internet and searched for her name, I found lots of articles written about by her and that she is now a doctor of Education and that she has an OBE to her name. How cool is that blogpals, to find out that my favourite teacher is making a name for herself in the NAHT (National Association Of Head Teachers)which I know she always was but to find out she was made an OBE is fantastic!

And to think that when I was 11 this lady was an ordinary teacher teaching drama and writing all the plays I appeared in, and telling me I was a proper little actress too, and me being her star performer!!!!!

If you want to hear her, take a listen at the You and Yours website and you'll know why I liked her when you hear her!

Oooh, I feel proud!

Did any of you lot have a teacher who you admired like Mrs Tutt? Your Comments below!!!
Saturday, September 10, 2005
  A Strange Dream List
I thought I would make up a strange wish list!
Some of these will probably never happen but I can still dream

1. I wish Mik Scarlet would write on my blog or on the Ouch messageboard to me!
2. I wish for a nice man to care about me as I hate being single!
3. I wish I could have a luxurious trip to a hotel in a limo with champagne.
4. I wish I could work for Damon!
5. I wish that some of you blogpals could meet me! (Oh well it will happen one day I suppose, Can't wait if it does!)

What strange or dreams do you lot wish for?

Do you think your dreams and wishes will come true or just stay dreams in your head!
Friday, September 09, 2005
  A Strange Day
Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and that you have been working hard this week in your jobs.

Today has been a strange day for me as I started off work by getting in late( oops, I know I overslept!) so I went in to work and carried on as normal doing the paperwork as I always do.

While I was at work there was a lady from America who had worked with us before but she works in America as a Self Advocate Leader in an Outreach team. They do brilliant work there and the lady who was called Ann Blackburn gave me some leaflets. Anyone who lives in America like Gimpy Mumpy might have heard of that company before. Mumpy do you know it? I hope she does, The company named SAAL is an organisation that works for disabled Americans giving them freedom of self advocacy and disability rights.

Anyway all the leaflets Ann gave me were interesting and the website looked interesting too which I looked on. I will probably give to you soon if you lot are intterested.

After work Ela my Transition worker phoned me up and this is where the strange bit comes as she wanted me to get my CV ready as she has found me a different work place. I dam a bit apprehensive about it as I love working at H.A.D and would miss all my friends there, and also I think I would find having two jobs hard. I will do the CV but these thoughts are in my mind still.

H.A.D has taught me a lot while I've been working there, It's taught me to understand more about disablity rights and basically the most important thing is to do with being more adult to work in a fully paid job.

Anyone who has a disability and works will agree with me and any others will too. Having a job is necessary for all adults to earn money, and if you have a job which I know most of you do, It gives you an enormous amount of satisfaction and you need a job to earn a living. I feel more of an adult when I've been working at the disabilty charity and I reckon I have become more mature too, and I have been able to work problems outr in the job easily too.

Finally, I know that most of you blogpals have been recieving a lot of unwanted spam in your comments boxes, The easy way to make sure this doesn't happen is to turn on "word verification" in your Settings and Comments bit of your blogs. As you can see down in my comments box I have turned it on. Hopefully this will stop it happening.

Bye for now blogpals!
Thursday, September 08, 2005
  A dedication of Friendship
I feel particularly humbled today! And it's because of a load of reasons, One is that it was my counselling session today and that Denice my counsellor said that I was good at giving myself a sense of inner counselling which helps enormously and that I am intelligent at answering why I want to kneep the past in my mind, the reason being is because of my Mum.
The other reason I feel humbled is because of you lot who visit my blog and that talk to me either through this blog or the excellent Ouch messageboard( when there's no silly flame wars!) but I believe that all the flame wars are coming to an end and that we can breathe a sigh of relief.
So I want this post on my blog to be a roll of honour to you all who like my blog, so I am putting down your names as a dedication.

To all my blogpals wherever you may be in this world.

Gimpy Mumpy
Luke ( Militant Crip)
The Goldfish( Debbie)
Matt( The Ill Informed ramblings of a cripple)
Marmite Boy
Lady Bracknell
Flash Wilson
Wayne Smallman
Damon Rose

Hope you like your dedication you lot, you are the people who keep me smiling in this world.Pardon me if I have missed anyone out, you all know that you have helped me in some way by just being great internet pals. I know I have friends who aren't internet pals but I don't have many friends on the outside world only a few, so you lot are EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
You all deserve a friendly drink from me if we ever meet up!
Monday, September 05, 2005
  Has the world gone completely mad?
Hi bloggers, Am a bit upset today and feeling low for two reasons and I know some of you who regularly post on Ouch meaning you blogpals will bloody agree with me!

One reason is that I am totally upset at these so called flame wars that ruin the nice happy existence of our Ouch messageboards. I know it's not you blogpals that do it who go on these boards every time because you lot are great, this doesn't include you lovely Wayne as you havn't signed up for them!

You lot are better than the people who do it and the perpatraitors who carry on should be told off for their callious actions.

The second reason is that I am also upset because of my sister leaving to go on a eigght month trip half way around the world. I got an email from her so I feel much better and I also feel better because my other sister said that she would take me to the Ivy, for my birthday next year.

Loneliness is also a huge factor in my life people again as I keep thinking about you lot and wishing that you lot were near to where I live. It's also because I haven't had many friends in my life and I think of you lot as my friends.

See you lot soon, Your friend Katie xxxx
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