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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
  A show of all shows, Lonely feelings and apologies
Hello bloggers, hope you are all well. Firstly I think I should apologise for the lack of posting on this ere blog. I haven't had anythin to write about due to the fact that I have really busy as I have been looking after my Dad's house, having my friends to stay with me while I am there whih I still am now.

I have been lonely at the start of this year what with Valentine's Dady just finished and from being single makes you feel isolated too. Also it made me have feelings of resentment because of everything that happened with my ex boyfriend and the anger and pain and upest that he caused me had left me feeling alone in this world.

I feel sometimes that men are only attracted to me because I care about them and that I help them with their problems and itcan be hard for me to find partners because of feelings of insecurity. There is however one person I like but that would only be for the futureto have a proper relationship or is that I only like them because I care about them? I don't know the answer to that question.

The two best things about looking after Dad's house was first having my birthday and getting a cool personal DVD player that I can take anywhere, The second best thing was that I went to see a great show. This show was so great that I am still listening to the songs on the CD that I bought afterwards.

The show was Thalidomide! A Musical, and was produced by the brillaint Mat Fraser and starred him and Kate Winslet's sister Anna who I thought was great as well as Mat himself.

The story told of what happene when a Nazi doctor produced these drugs that women could take for the morning sicknes and how babies were being born with limb defects such as short limbs and deformities to which Mat has short arms and seal like hands as a result.

The play then goes on from this to show a love story between Glyn a thalidomide boy getting bullied at school and Katie an able bodied girl who takes a shine to Glyn but wants to help him not love him and the show centres on their relationship through secondary school and tjhen Glyn and Katie go their separate ways ending up seeing each other again when Glyn pretends to be a scientist working in Brazil called Raolo Raccino who helps make people perfect again. An accident occurs to Katie when Glyn accidently knocks her over by his car in San Paolo and she has short arms like Glyn as a result and they adopt a baby with short arms as well and get married.

The show had some great music in it which I love and Mat is a great performer and great too in real life. The best thing about the show was that as I watched it I think he looked in my direction and smiled at me! Hope he did!
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