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Monday, April 24, 2006
  Understanding myself
I thought I would write this post bloggers for reasons to do with disablism, as I have put my name down for Goldfish's brilliant cause and also that I feel I have to explain about me as people can be confused as to why I am silly sometimes.

Basically, it's not that I am silly it's just that sometimes I may not know I am writing or saying things that can offend people.

People with learning disabilities like myself are viewed as people that need help in knowing things about life or that we don't always understand about what we are doing is viewed wrongly, and sometimes things go wrong or we get people talking to us as if we were children.

I have the same options or views as everyone else of disability, it's just that it may not put in the right way or order or confusing.

I sometimes can be matter of fact with what I write and that also confuses readers who may be reading it at the time.

I also have ambitions that people may find strange or that they think it's unrealistic. I did think though that as I keep reading the Ouch website as I always do, and you all know I do and admire it, I feel that I am like them in the way that they write about inclusion and I sympathise with them, as I find it to be included in conversations or debates because people take the view that I wouldn't understand what they are saying or writing, but I can certainly read up on it or ask.
I sometimes wish though , that the writers on Ouch could ask me about my views and that I work with them to do some advocacy to do with our views and opinions.

I'm sure that Damon, Vaughan, Mat Fraser, Liz carr and the others have opinions on things that would be great to talk about all together.

As I put down here above, people with learning disabilities find inclusion hard because of people's views or opinions of them.

I mean, One of my ideas which I thought would be good but people would think was silly was to set up an advocacy group with the messageboarders who live in London or areas, and include the writers like damon, Liz, Mat, etc.

People would think it's a silly idea though and think she's ( me) having her mad ideas again!

What's your take on what I have said here?
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  The poor girl needs a break!
Hi bloggers, The post this time is about my thoughts and feelings concerning a celebrity who I have slated in the past but after reading my Heat magazine, Methinks I have changed my mind.

It's also regarding disability too, as due to Goldfish's brilliant post on her blog about Blogging against Disablism day, I too am supporting the brilliant cause, so well done Goldfish!

My post today is about how I feel about Jordan and her disabled little boy Harvey. As I was reading I felt for her emotinally and how looking after Harvey can be a strain on both her and Peter Andre's relationship.

It said in the article how Harvey can be very hard to look after and told of his tantrums and about how she has to watch him a lot.

I am not a parent of a child myself but by reading Jordan's article in Heat, having a disabled child must be hard but glad that he gets the love and care he deserves.

Poor Jordan deserves a medal, and a hoilday away from the pressure!

I also think that we should make comments about her as we should think how hard it must be for her, but lots of determination to give Harvey a chance in life.

What do you lot think?
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  A Fantasy island that's suffering!
Hi Bloggers, As you may know or not, I joined an MSN Group and that was partly the reason why this blog suffered because I was spending time there. The MSN group is called Hood's Island and I may have mentioned it before here but now our poor group is suffering because of lack of membership. Chris Mac first told me of this group he had set up and it is a great group but because of lack of membership it's suffering.

There is no reason why it should suffer because it is a friendly virtual island where members can share things like poems, stories or have chats about their day or put up messages for other members to read. There's even a well stocked virtual bar called the jolly Seafarer which I frequent as I came up with the idea (I've always fancied running my own bar as well!) , but the sole reason why I am telling you dear sweet bloggers about it on here, is because I wondered if any of you would like to come to a virtual paradise where you chat, drink and sink your toes into warm sands (all virtually of course, you can use your imagination!) and dive into cool seas.

So, does any of that sound good to you, being friendly , and be welcomed by nice members?

To join, you have to have an MSN nickname and password but you can easily sign up to be on MSN if you haven't got one.

Think about it, as there are no obligations to join, you donhave to if you don't want to.

Naturally we don't want people just to be spammers on there, we want people on there who we can trust, but dear bloggers I trust you so that's fine.

If you would like to join, please email me and I'll send you an invitation to join where you follow a link and it will either tell you to join MSN or will direct you to the island.
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