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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Things I never knew but found out and the Ouch podcast.
In certain places and objects that I come across in my life, I find out things I never knew, and I think we all find out things dont we, us human beings and crips or people with disabilities.

For instance, today I learnt that eating coley, is not just for cats, humans can also eat it which I never knew about, and even if I am watching television I find things that I never knew about before and things start to interest me, and it can take me time to learn, Trust me!

Once I start learning, I find that things become clearer, and that I start enjoying it.

I was surfing the web as I often do, and I found out about a guy who had made the Ouch podcast jingle, and I had never known that before so that was another thing I learned.

I think that people with mild or minor learning disabilities find that it does take them quite a bit of time to learn about things anyway but with the help and support of others it does help a great deal, and the support of family and friends is invaluable, although it is advisable for them not to treat you differently otherwise we wont learn and make good progress, it will be a slow progress instead.

I also am glad that the Ouch podcast is back, getting off the subject for a minute and glad that they decided it was a right thing to broadcast.

Where would we be without it! We who write on Ouch love it and it 's the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes, when things are bad.

Wonder if any of you bloggers are going to be at the Christmas podcast that they are having? I have asked Emma from Ouch to put my name down and have been allowed to go, I can't wait! It will be good and hopefully see Liz and Mat again.

I have met Liz and Mat before on separate occasions but them together will be great and to be part of the podcast too.
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