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Saturday, December 31, 2005
  Auld Lang Syne
Hi Bloggers!

Just a quick post as I have neglected my blog really bad but will be better next year. Hope all of you have a great new year!

Have you all made any new year's resolutions? Will you stick to any of them, I find it hard sticking to them but I will stick to them next year- Wonderful 2006!

Groan! I shall be another year older and coming of age! Silly phrase that! If you look on my profile it will give you a hint as to how old I will be after the age it says on it!

But here for you now are my new year's resolutions:

a) To cook more fresh meals at my house using more stuff from Tesco's like packet sauces.

b) To think more positively about things

See you all in 2006 then!


Wishing you all happiness in the year ahead!
Saturday, December 24, 2005
  Ooh! goody! One day to go!
Hello bloggers! festive greetings to all of you and hope that you are all enjoying the festive season, Yay! Only one day to go till Christmas day! I bet most of you are looking forward to it, spending time with your families and enjoying spending time with them!

Hope you lot have a great time.

I am writing this at Dad's as I have finished work for the Christmas holidays and I am glad that I left happy and enjoyed spending time with my work colleagues at a local pub near where I live. I felt really good and it was nice to spend time chatting and having a laugh with people who I only see when I work, and it made me feel part of a family unit too, because of our workplace being a small part of a building where there is different companies, who all deal in helping people in some way. We are dealing with disability while the rest are dealing with sensory difficulties, hearing difficulties, Children and families.

Our building used to be a school too, and it's remarkable to think that different organisations are in that old school.

Have any of you or are working where you feel part of it like I have felt? It's great that work colleagues all go out together where we aren't in a work situation, as I felt I got to know them better more than just speaking to them a bit at work.

I'm going to end this now but hope you all have a great time with your families, and that you enjoy it loads and hope that you all enjoy your presents that you get.

Enjoy the festive articles on Ouch too, and send e cards to people that you may have forgotten. I love those cards they're so cool, especially the David Blunkett one!

See you all in 2006 where hopefully I will have more and better news, and views for you on here, and that I continue with it as I think it helps a great deal, doesn't it, just to write and feel better that you have advice from all blogpals!

Goodbye! Festive hugs to all of you!
Saturday, December 10, 2005
  The end of the Year Awards
I thought I would give some awards out as I got the idea from Gimpy Mumpy's weblog and thought about awarding some too.

da-da-da (big drum roll!)

The awards are in categories so we'll start the awards off:

Best Interesting Website - BBC Ouch Website

Most Artistic Weblog- Gimpy Mumpy

Best Tv Programme with disabled people in it - Beyond Boundaries

Best New Weblog - The Landing of Mac (check it out!)

Best Cd I've bought- Jolson The Musical

Best Film of the year - Bridget Jones- Edge of Reason

Best Disabled Role Model - Ade Adepitan

Lifetime Disabled Role Model Award - Mik Scarlet

Highlight of the year Award - My Macintyre Care Transition Launch Party of resource books and Website
Thursday, December 08, 2005
  A comical genius among others
Hi bloggers, Sorry not posting for ages on here as I have been catching up with college work but I promise that in the new year I will back refreshed and ready to post stuff on here. I also haven't had any ideas on what what to write about so it has been difficult for me.

Hope you bloggers are looking forward to your Christmas break and will be looking forward to a prosperous new year too.

Highlights of this year for me have been that I have found wonderful and lasting friendships both from Ouch and Hood's Island in which my new friend Chris Mac has invited me to join and that I have been given the role of assistant manager in. And finding Chris Mac as a friend has been brilliant and writing to you lot has also given me lots of confidence too.

Another highlight was finding the website of blogs that helped me create this ere blog to record my feelings, favourite things and news for you all. I think that finding all of your blogs too has been a good highlight because through reading yours I have found out about what you lot like and your opinions on things.

Hope that in the new year I will poised and ready than before with news and ideas to write on here as I've neglaected it a lot and that has worried me a lot.

I leave you with a website that I enjoy reading and it's also relevant to the last post about Al Jolson as it's the website of Brian Conley who plays Jolson. Check it out as it's a great site devoted to a comical genius among others and there's great information and pictures of Brian at his best!
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