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Thursday, March 30, 2006
  This man's great, and so's the website!
Hi bloggers, Don't be worried by this post and it's not a form of patronisation, but thought I would say what I think about what this man does as i think the work he does is geat but I would never patronise or single anyone out to call them by any way, shape or form.

The man in question that I'm talking about here is Ouch's editor Mr Damon Rose. We all find Ouch a great place to chill out and relax and be friendly with each other in (well at least I hope we do!) but I think the work that Damon and the team do to get our lovely favourite website and messageboard up and running is simply marvellous and very brilliant.

Don't know if you lot have heard the podcast yet, if you haven't where have you been? You've missed a classic piece of broadcasting history there! If you haven't heard it yet it's presented by Mr Mat" I wrote and produced a brilliant musical" Fraser and Ouch columnist Liz Carr. Together they present the podcast show which incidently has been produced by Damon, and if you listen carefully you may hear snippets that might been put in by Damon himself knowing his humour and sarcasm!

Things like the way that they have come up with the most funniest quiz I've ever heard called "Vegetable, Vegetable or Vegetable", I mean! What a mad name for a quiz! They must have taken it from their cartoon strip on Play and some of the Jingles are classicall funny, but I think that the line " We never let our disabilities get us down" must have come from Blindkiss, Damon's other talk show. Quite funnily enough then to know then, that Damon produced the Ouch podcast and it was his idea in the first place! No, seriously it's a great podcast and I hope it does well for them.

I've written on this blog before about when I met Damon and it was nice to meet someone whose website I liked, and meeting him was like meeting someone I had known for a while because it felt like that. It was also the first time I had met someone with a visual impairment too but when I left White City after that eventful day and from being totally nervous even though Damon had said he couldn't tell I was, my face was literally beaming!

Hope it happens again sometime that I meet up with him again... Hmmm!
Friday, March 17, 2006
  A Brilliant Animation Company and a sincere apology!
Hello to all Bloggers, I know that I've not done this blog for ages and all of you have been wondering why you can't comment on the blog but worked out that it goes onto a special page. I would like to apologise to all readers of this blog as I know that you all read it and give me such nice comments too.

I have been extremely busy over the past weeks as I have been staying with Dad while everything gets put in place at the new house. Everything is going well, and hopefully it will be sorted out enough for me to move in. The worst part is the packing as I never realised that with me hoarding stuff in cupboards or around the house I am left with lots of stuff! Luckily I am sorting it out and it will be all cleared out soon! I hope! It's a long process because of me getting tired and my mind telling me that the old house is nasty and getting homesick for being back at Dad's! Strangely enough!

I have also been watching quite a lot of Dvd's at Dad's too which I have my little portable DVD player to play them on which was one of my birthday presents! Thanks to my lovely Dad and I thought I would tell you about one of my favourites which is the BFG , acrtoon animation film made by a great animation company Cosgrove Hall.

For those who don't know, Cosgrove Hall is an animation compny in Chorlton cum Hardy in England and they make animation films such as Dangermouse, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Coun t Duckula and the BFG. What makes the BFG special to me however is the beautiful, fantastic music!!!!! This music that is in the BFG is so brilliant, in the way that the music sets the mood for whatever the characters are doing in the film and the music blends in well .

All the music is brilliant throughout this film and the two songs that they have in it are good too, Whizzpopping, and Sometimes Secretly. I think my favourite part with the excellent music has to be when the two characters Sophie and the BFG are blowing a dream (well, the BFG is!) into the bedroom of the Queen of England to ask her to help them catch evil giants. The way that they have used the music to great effect in that piece is so brilliant and it captures the essence of the part well.

You'll have to watch that part of the film and the rest to find out what makes me like the music so much. Even when the credits roll, they combine the excellent music well, and it brings a tear down my eyes and sends a tingle to my spine with excitement!!!!!!!

If anyone can find me the soundtrack to the animation of this film, write me a comment or email me as I think that will be great to have the excellent music on CD.

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