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Thursday, December 21, 2006
  Christmas Message to end this year!
Hi all! Thought I would write a christmas message to end the new year in style!

This year has been a funny one for me, a year of being chosen to be in meetings, to be a secretary and take down the minutes. A year where I have been part of something big and worked in a different place with new people, and learnt new skills. Have had to be more assertive too, and forward thinking in paperwork which I have managed successfully.

Have made new friends and networked just by going to a BBC building and being part of something truly special. Have also learnt that others find it difficult to get along with their own problems and to be thankful that they have the same problems as I do sometimes.

Have impressed certain members of my family by working in a professional capacity and and have made them see sense that I can do things in a mature adult way.

I think that this blog has suffered greatly while I have been busy but I have trawled through other websites and that has stopped me from being here.

I wish more dear readers would stop by and comment here and things to get back to normal and I promise that next year I will make a point of returning to here and showing respect to it by posting things on here.

I think I have walked forward to becoming more mature though and have kept an open mind to pushing on with paperwork.

Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, and other forums have made me interested this year and have become an active member of such websites as mentioned here, and also Master McMillan's fine tavern have kept me enthralled too. Chris McMillan continues to be a good friend as does Ben the young student who joked with me at the Christmas podcast recording and is master Bingosnrub,on Ouch boards. Glad to have him as a new friend on board.

And so dear reader as Christmas approaches, and you look forward to ripping the paper off your presents to see if you have the latest CD/book/DVD and the like, and families get together and you see grandmother or grandfather or your Dad asleep after dinner, or the dog is sick after eating too much turkey, or the cat is sick,

I say to you, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you too, Katie.

I promise to comment more in the New Year and not just read!
Hi Katie,

I hope you have a great time this Christmas, have a wondering holiday season.

It's been a great year for you, learning and growing at the same time.

I'm no longer doing my blog "roll eyes". I think after all the bad things that have, and still do happen to me, that the blog was a bad oman.

I'm doing temperary blog at I hope people are able to visit my profile to read my blog. I'll concentrate more on book and film reviews, trying to leave the personal stuff in the background, where I can.

I'll drop in a link for you and everyone to read me in the coming months from now until I decide on perminant place for my blog.

All the best to Merry Christmas Katie.

Justin R
Hi Katie, I hope you had a nice Christmas. Mine was very nice and at the moment I am busy with changing my blog to the new system. Doesn't work to well.... If you have any idea, how to enlarge the letters on the side bar, with all the links, please let me know. It is microscopic. Have a happy New Year!
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