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Friday, December 01, 2006
  Christmas is nearly here, everything is great!
Thought I would write on this old faithful blog , miss it sometimes and it is always around to write on and for all of you to comment on. Hopefully you will not have forgotten it or just read it, but if you do read it, please feel free to leave a comment even if it is a small comment bloggers!

Anyhow, Christmas is getting ever nearer and finally I am accepting it is nearer! After having a starange Xmas dinner in May to welcome the return of my dear sister!

Have been working hard and have been working with a charity called Herts Pass which helps disabled people to gain direct payments to fund things like P.A's and other things that they may need and they have acquired some money from the National Big Lottery fund to provide equipment and to employ an Employment Facilitator. I am involved in an Operations Group with some students I know and we had a selection day yesterday to choose an applicant for the facilitator job. It was very exciting and I felt positively good as I helped with the grouo task being in a group with three applicants and a student who is in the operations group with me.

That group task was in the morning and then we had a discussion to collect the annswers that each individual group came up with to talk about problems and barriers that disabled people face in employment.

After lunch we then had the interviews and I was part of the interview panel and gave questions to each individual applicant and they had to give a presentation to which they did well, but some went over the allocated five minutes but that didnt matter.

Finally we came to our conclusions and the best man got the job. We all liked him and he was very friendly, good with involving all of us and we all felt that he had a brilliant rapport with all of us. I am glad for him as I liked and I talked to him firstly when he rang up to ask about the job few weeks back. I cant wait to have him working with us for three years and working at Herts Pass. He'll enjoy it!

Also I have good news too! I have been selected to go in the audience of the Ouch Christmas Podcast! Yay! I cannot wait! I hope it will be good and it will be nice to see some of the messageboarders, and maybe even some of you!

Will report back to you at some stage after wards to tell you how it went but maybe I might not have to! You could probably listen in to it afterwards when Damon puts it up on the website!

I want an Ouch podcast mug though! Would be really nice next to my other Ouch goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Christmas Katie. Sounds like you've had a busy time.
Did you get a podcast mug??
Hi Katie,
good to know that you were one of the people laughing in the audience. I really enjoyed the Christmas podcast.
Hi Katie!

I hope you get the ouch podcast mug. I hope to hear you're voice on it so, maybe I should download it soun, when it is ready.

I'm looking forward to Christmas though, i hope I will be fully recovered from for it lol. Yep, I seem to have caught Glandular fever, or at least most of the symptons. I'm in a bit of pain and feel extremely tired and spaced out lol. I'm taking pain killers which, are helping.

Sadly, I've deleted & closed down my Roll-eyes blog. I feel, after all the bad things that have been happening to me this year, that my old blog was a bad omen that had to be gotten rid of.

I will think about doing another blog, elsewhere, and maybe do it in a different style. I haven't given up blogging for good. I feel I need to break from it for however long and then think of what to do next.

Merry Christmas to you and you're family Katie. My best wishes for the New Year.

Who are you, anonymous and Oucher? Reveal your names if you comment again! It will be nice to know who you two are! Please comment again!
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