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Saturday, September 09, 2006
  Did I have a blog here? Whoops! Sorry to forget!
Hello bloggers!

Apologies to forget about posting here. I have been very busy and sometimes I have given this blog the push off and have felt guilty of missing it and writing here. I should write more here as when I wrote here, it helped me a lot to get rid of any demons, and this was a place to talk about them.

Most of you enjoy my blog and possibly have missed it.

Well thought I would tell you that I have returned! I am back to share my feelings and opinions with you.

What can I tell you in this blog entry?

I have been doing well in my new house and have been making it feel homely and I feel it is better than my old house. I have put in lots of nice things and it was easy to move as it was a nice day when I moved and I have been enjoying the delights of the village.

Take a look at the website to see what Welwyn is like:

Welwyn is a pretty village that is between Stevenage and St Albans and it has lots of character.

I have been doing well at work, and my strength at work seems to be the admin side of it, so Damon, am still around if you need me! Joke!

Also have been actively writing on Ouch as you all may have seen and am chuffed that my thread on the deaf impersonator had so many replies (175!) and thanks to any blogger pals that wrote on it too, you were a star!

I love the new podcast the sixth one and I think it is very friendly and Mat, Liz and the work experience kid Ruth seem to be very friendly as well.

I have also been actively going on my blog and profile on MySpace and have Liz and Tanyalee from Bravetarts as a friend on there and have had messages from them too. Take a look at my page and you'll see them on there.

I may give this address of this blog out to Liz and Tanyalee too, so that they can write here, so if they read about this, hello to them!

Will probably write more about my thoughts and feelings next time so watch this space, I shall be back!
Hi Katie, nice to have you back! It was good to read that you have settled down in your new home. Welwyn seems to be a nice place.
Hi Katie!!

I'll laugh if you do remember me. I've been in hiding for long time in BBC ouch and blogging terms.

Like you, I've neglected my blog although for more sad reasons. My life's become impossible this year. I can't think how it could be. Because of all that, I've lacked motivation to write creatively in my blog. All I'd ever have to report in negative stuff all the time. I've become self conscious when writing my blog and so, I haven't. I've had no idea what else i could write.

Hopefully, that'll change in time but, it's about time things calmed down for me in my life. We'll see anyhow.

Hope you are well Katie.

all the best,

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