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Monday, May 01, 2006
  My thoughts and views on Disablism
Hi Bloggers, and hope you all are having a great Blogging Aaginst Disablism Day today. I thought that I would base my contribution to Goldfish's worthy cause by telling you all what I think should happen in the future, so think on it if you will as a small manifesto, as if I was Minister for the Disabled instead of Maria Eagle! (sorry to her for using her name but it's only meant as a joke!)

Here is what I think:

Disabled people should be allowed more access on public transport, it's getting better for disabled people, but we need more access to services, shops etc.

I believe that there should be no categorising between the social model and the medical models of disability.

Lesser known Charities that raise awareness of disability should be given more publicity and a chance to show themselves more to society, namely H.A.D that I work for as it is widely known where I live in Hertfordshire but I think it should be known elsewhere too.

Society should be more educated in not judging us because we are different or staring but integrating us more into society.

Good points! Enjoy the day!
Well done, Katie. Thank you for contributing! :-)
Hi Katie. I agree about giving more publicity to lesser-known charities. That is a very good idea.
This is a good post, Katie. As usual, you get straight to the basics.
Hi Katie, I am still trying to catch up with all the BADD posts. So much stuff to read!! Good points. I especially agree to the the last one. There is still a lot to be done!
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