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Monday, April 24, 2006
  Understanding myself
I thought I would write this post bloggers for reasons to do with disablism, as I have put my name down for Goldfish's brilliant cause and also that I feel I have to explain about me as people can be confused as to why I am silly sometimes.

Basically, it's not that I am silly it's just that sometimes I may not know I am writing or saying things that can offend people.

People with learning disabilities like myself are viewed as people that need help in knowing things about life or that we don't always understand about what we are doing is viewed wrongly, and sometimes things go wrong or we get people talking to us as if we were children.

I have the same options or views as everyone else of disability, it's just that it may not put in the right way or order or confusing.

I sometimes can be matter of fact with what I write and that also confuses readers who may be reading it at the time.

I also have ambitions that people may find strange or that they think it's unrealistic. I did think though that as I keep reading the Ouch website as I always do, and you all know I do and admire it, I feel that I am like them in the way that they write about inclusion and I sympathise with them, as I find it to be included in conversations or debates because people take the view that I wouldn't understand what they are saying or writing, but I can certainly read up on it or ask.
I sometimes wish though , that the writers on Ouch could ask me about my views and that I work with them to do some advocacy to do with our views and opinions.

I'm sure that Damon, Vaughan, Mat Fraser, Liz carr and the others have opinions on things that would be great to talk about all together.

As I put down here above, people with learning disabilities find inclusion hard because of people's views or opinions of them.

I mean, One of my ideas which I thought would be good but people would think was silly was to set up an advocacy group with the messageboarders who live in London or areas, and include the writers like damon, Liz, Mat, etc.

People would think it's a silly idea though and think she's ( me) having her mad ideas again!

What's your take on what I have said here?
Hi Katie. I haven't been a round on the internet much lately so thought I'd pop in and say hello. :0)

I find you are easy to understand and really honest (and funny too!) about where you are coming from. And pretty cool, of course... On your idea about the advocacy group - I think to some extent, it already happens here on the blogosphere - we all read each others blogs and give each other support when we have time to write - of course, life sometimes gets in the way!!!

Keep on having mad ideas!

Hello Katie

I thought I would post because of what you say and also because I read your rather sad post on the ouch! board worrying why people don't answer.

I can only speak for myself; I find your blog and your contributions to the ouch! board are always interesting and often I learn something new.

But being relatively new to the world of disability, and also being (I think) a good bit older than most ouch! correspondents and most bloggers, I feel very shy about sticking my oar in, so I haven't said much up to now.

There are probably lots of people like me out here, reading your work, but not quite sure how to reply because of shyness or feeling ignorant. So don't give up! Just because we keep quiet doesn't mean we aren't listening and enjoying what you have to say, and sometimes even being helped.

Best wishes

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Hi Katie, I have just discovered your blog, which I have enjoyed and learned from.
I agree with you about the need for Advocacy. It is a very important way of supporting people who, for whatever reason, need assistance to be heard and included.
Like 'Dotandcarryone', I am from an older generation, and my view of life and my opinions show that, but I know a young person who has Asperger's Syndrome, who is intelligent like you, but he needs help for the times or situations when his condition gets in the way of his personality and abilities.
Unfortunately Advocacy is not easy to find, and like many Services that should be provided, are often not. May I suggest you contact the British Council of Disabled People who may know about Advocacy Services.
Best wishes and keep blogging.
Have as many mad ideas as you like Katie! Speaking as one who has never had any, he-he!;-)
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